A Cause Worthwhile — Recall Update

Chattanooga Tea Party members:

Phew!! What a busy couple of months we have had but what a fulfilling effort it has been. Many of you have been a part of creating history in our city by accomplishing what has never been done before — removing an elected official from office who ignored the will of the people and pursued his own insensitive and hurtful agenda — at the expense of hard working, everyday citizens. And over 10,000 city residents rose up to acknowledge their opposition to the Mayor’s policies.

As of last week, according to Wikipedia only 9 Mayors have been recalled over the last 100 years in our nation! But when I checked tonight it listed 10!!! And guess what? Yes, you guessed it, Mayor Littlefield is listed as #10! Check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recall_election And you contributed to this!!

So what’s next? I would speculate that the Mayor will file some kind of legal action in the next day or so. We have engaged our own attorneys to represent the rights of the Petitioners so we will now have to wait for the process to work its way through the courts. But, assuming a victory on our part (which I believe will occur), the next urgent step is to rally behind the right Mayoral Candidate. So let me tell you what we have done in this regard.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been communicating with a variety of folks who have a good feel for community leaders who might be potential Mayoral candidates that would be solid fiscal conservatives. We have little by little been contacting the people on the list and most have been removed from the list because they were not interested. However, as of today, at least two of the people on the list have indicated a genuine interest in the position. Further, this last weekend I was able to spend some some quality time with one of the two. Based on my initial conversation with him and subject to some further discussions, it is possible that he could be a worthwhile opponent to support.

As things begins to unfold over the next few days, I would ask that you keep this whole situation in your prayers. I would like to think that what we have done is not just about tearing down but more importantly it is about building back up. Clearly it was necessary to remove the existing power structure and the policies that were so hurtful and insensitive to Chattanoogans. But now the equally important task of rebuilding lies ahead of us. While we were never certain or totally clear on the front end of the Recall effort how we would reach our goal, with God’s help and your hard work we did. Similarly we are now on the front end of finding the right candidate. And while the path is not clear, the goal remains steadfast: to restore accountability, integrity and sound fiscal policies to the Mayor’s office and throughout the city leadership.

Finally, as I close, let me encourage you to read a passage of Scripture that I read a few nights ago. I did not go seeking for this passage but it merely came up as I was reading through Nehemiah in the Old Testament. Specifically read chapter 5 and see the message that was delivered by God’s prophet, Nehemiah, to the rulers and nobles in their society. See how they were rebuked for their economic policies that were so hurtful to the common everyday folks. And see if the message strikes a cord with what we are experiencing here in Chattanooga. It’s absolutely amazing to see that what we have stood against during the last few weeks is precisely what Nehemiah was speaking out against. In fact, look at Nehemiah 5: 7 and read these words: “So I called a great assembly against them.” When you read it in context I would venture to say that this was Nehemiah’s very own “Tea Party”!! Click here to read the entire chapter: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Nehemiah%205&version=NKJV

Thanks again for the hard work and commitment that so many of you exhibited over these long days and weeks. I am truly blessed to be working along side each of you and count it an honor to be your friend. I look forward to what lies ahead!


Mark West, President Chattanooga Tea Party

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