A Busy Week for Chattanooga Tea Party Patriots

All patriots, CTP members and fellow Americans, please join us September 10th at 7:45 PM at the Country Place restaurant on Shallowford Road for a send off rally for our Freedom Riders.

Our freedom riders are traveling to Washington, DC to join thousands of other Tea Party protesters on the west lawn of the US Capital September 12th. Share your thoughts and concerns by signing the WE THE PEOPLE banner that will be carried in the protest.

*There are two spaces still left on the second bus so please call Shirley Patterson 423-238-8182 or email steel9531@comcast.net for details.

Note for our Freedom Bus Riders

Overflow parking arrangements have been made next to J Alexander’s restaurant near the hotel and condo area for our freedom rider’s cars. Freedom writers will unload their luggage first at Country Place then park. A van will be taking passengers back and forth. The returning buses are leaving Washington, DC very early Sunday morning September 13th, and are expected back early that evening. Y’all come out and welcome them back.

Everyone is asked to bring lawn chairs, posters and flags. In the event of rain, the rally will be held inside the County Place restaurant.

The rally is from 7:45 pm till departure of the bus at 9:00 pm. The DayBreak band will be playing patriotic music to set the mood. CTP will conduct a farewell send off program.


Our freedom riders are going to Walter Reed Hospital on Friday September 11 to protest the Code Pink protests of our wounded and handicap veterans. Every Friday the veterans are taken out to dinner. As they leave, they are greeted by the Code Pink’s heckling. Our wounded brave American vets deserve respect and honor, not jeers and cries of “baby killers.” The Freedom Riders will protest this dishonorable behavior of the Code Pink.

Party Time /Newspaper / TV Time

Share the “March on Washington D.C.” and all of the excitement by watching the rally with other patriots over lunch at the Foundry Restaurant/Bar at the Chattanoogan Hotel September 12 from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. If you have questions please call Ronnie Moore at 706-820-1087.

The Times Free Press reporter Matt Wilson will be traveling with the Freedom Riders so look for his stories in the press.

Freedom Riders will be filming and sending back videos to the local TV stations so watch your late evening news.

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