4,000 signatures and counting — Your help is needed — Recall the Mayor

Chattanooga Tea Party Friends:

As of this weekend, the total tally of signatures gathered by all the groups and individuals that have been working on the Recall of Mayor Ron Littlefield is approximately 4,000! This is good news but if we are to hit our goal of 15,000 we need YOUR help THIS WEEK!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Volunteer this Thursday (August 5) Election Day, to help collect signatures at the Polls. Whether it’s for two hours, four hours or all day, any amount will be appreciated.

  2. Volunteer to be a Block Captain — just get the neighbors on your block to sign a Petition.

  3. Contribute to the Cause. Our 4 ads and printing this last week cost $3,181. We have only raised $1,830 so far. And we have at least another $6,000 of expenses still to cover. Can you send $10, $20, $50 or more? If so, send to CTP, PO Box 28357, Chatt, TN 37421. Or you can go to our website and donate with your credit card using PayPal.

Remember, you can download the individual Petition or a 10 signature per page version on our website here: http://chattanoogateaparty.com/gallery.php?id=34&type=file

No doubt you are busy like everyone else. But our time is limited (a little over 3 weeks) and we have a ways to go. So will you pitch in today?

Remember, all politics starts local. This is your chance to impact your government this month in your hometown. Let’s send a strong message to the Mayor, city council and other elected officials that our concerns over sound fiscal policies are not limited to Washington DC.

If you are willing to help in any of the above ways, please email me at mark@chattanoogateaparty.com

I urge you to help us. Thank you.

Mark West Chattanooga Tea Party

Remember, TEA means “Taxed Enough Already”

Say “NO” to Mayor Littlefield’s 19% tax increase by Recalling him!

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