2010 Tennessee Gubernatorial Race Resources

In order to assist our Chattanooga Tea Party members with their research of the various candidates who are running for Governor, we have posted the following resources to the Chattanooga Tea Party website:

1. Answers to a Gubernatorial Questionnaire that was posed by the TN Patriot Vetting Committee [link]

2. Summary of Gubernatorial Candidates [link]

3. Summary of Gubernatorial Debate responses [link]

If you would like to see all of the resources that have been collected by the Chattanooga Tea Party regarding the upcoming gubernatorial race, please go the the Chattanooga Tea Party website and click on the “2010 Governor’s Race” file box on the right side of the home page, or click here.

We want to thank Sumner United for Responsible Government for their efforts in preparing and sharing this with Tennesseans.

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