The Chattanooga Tea Party was launched in early 2009 by a concerned core of local citizens, mostly in response to irresponsible and unaccountable spending by the Federal government, particularly regarding the massive $800 billion “stimulus” bill for allegedly “shovel-ready” projects. Truly, it was a rebellion against both political parties which followed the Washington dictum of tax and spend, without solving the problems that supposedly drove the spending. The initial rally at Ross’s Landing on April 15 drew more than 2,500 people, many of them joining our email list and donating funds that got our grassroots organization started.As you may recall, it was a fearful time for many. Unemployment was high, the economy was depressed, and the best many could do was to take part-time jobs after losing full-time employment.

Regulatory agencies squeezed businesses even harder with extreme regulations that cost in many cases more than taxes themselves.All too frequently, as a result, businesses were forced to close and opportunities were limited. In short, the overreaching, overbearing, power-grabbing Feds produced a natural reaction by half the country that felt threatened in their wallets, liberties and particularly the future freedom of this country. It’s an historic truism that as government power grows, individual freedoms shrink. In particular, members were angry at both parties for heretofore not listening to their views and felt disrespected.Over time, after marches on Washington and electing a Republican majority in Congress didn’t seem to change much on the national level, the CTP focused increasingly – and generally successfully – on local and state issues.


– Election of member Larry Grohn to the Chattanooga City Council
– Bringing in Rick Santorum to speak at Abba’s House
– Petition to force the eventual referendum on the city’s domestic partner ordinance
– Support for ending forced annexation in Tennessee
– The attempted recall of a second-term Chattanooga mayor
– Plaintiff in a successful lawsuit against the IRS’s flagrant abuses of power


The Chattanooga Tea Party is a grassroots-based voluntary association of American citizens advocating for more responsive, fiscally-responsible, family-friendly and accountable government at all levels.

– According to the United States Constitution, the Tennessee Constitution, and local county and city government charters, governments at all levels were established to serve the interests of the people.
– Our elected officials must, for the sake of our nation’s and children’s future, support the rule of law and responsible fiscal policies. No elected servant at any level is above the law.
– Our elected officials should only vote on legislation that has been thoroughly read and publicly available in advance, and deliberations on public matters should be conducted in public.
– We seek to hold public officials accountable for their actions, supporting those who prove responsive to public concerns and actively campaigning against those who do not.
– Our elected officials must limit the size of the administrative state by more clearly adhering to only those powers constitutionally and statutorily enumerated, and hold bureaucrats responsible when they abuse their powers that depend on public trust.
– We strongly support merit-based legal immigration and assimilation for those who want to pursue American citizenship, and positively contribute to their communities and the great American melting pot.
– The traditional nuclear family being the foundation of our civilization, we strongly encourage public policies that strengthen families.

The Chattanooga Tea Party stands united in wholeheartedly supporting these enduring American values.


The Chattanooga Tea Party is the preeminent conservative grassroots organization in the Chattanooga area. We will promote traditional, Constitutional American values – representing the true, historical, original counterculture – through education and civic engagement.